Spor Strip

Sports Strip

Etigam sports strip ; The traditional biological indicators
steam, ethylene oxide, dry heat and radiation for industrial sterilization.

Transparent envelope contains bacterial spores on paper carrier in.

To use Etigam sports strip, just place the blue transparent envelope into a product or product package.
The inoculated package is placed in a sterilizer and processed. Sterilizers’ after the removed is sent to the microbiology laboratory for the purchase of sports strip strip inoculated pack.
Biological indicators are aseptically inserted in soybean casein digest medium and incubated at a suitable temperature for 7 days.

Etigam sports suspension steam, ethylene oxide, dry heat or radiation sterilization industrial calibrated to a suspension of bacterial spores with suitable for preparing a particular biological indicators. Each bottle of 10 ml. suspension, suspension liquid contains 40% ethanol.