• To identify the sections of the hospital
  • Be introduced to the staff working in the sterilization unit
  • Any kind of material can be defined
  • The registration of delivery information
  • The bar code, and package tracking number
  • All the necessary information about the kit can be found on the label
  • Retrospective material can be questioned
  • Loading, unloading can be done with a barcode reader
  • Calculating the cost of production and sterilization center,
  • The formalization of the tests applied to the sterilizer,
  • Stimulation of the end use of background materials
  • Daily, weekly and monthly performance reports can be received
Record keeping and mandatory sterilization unit is very important. Records must be kept tidy and storage of. Digital record keeping system is more secure and more regular than to keep manual records. Retrospective information accelerates albino.
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