Class 5  Kimyasal Entegratör1

Tuna-Sa S-C Class 5 (3,5 min.)

Chemical integrator for steam sterilization

  • 121 and 134 show equivalent performance to the degree of biological indicators.
  • 3 spot shows three different functions.
  • The first indicator of spot transactions.
  • Second spot integrator.
  • Third spot extended cycle time.
  • It is a color change from pink to blue.
  • Is sensitive to wet and dry steam.
  • Sterilization conditions inside the package is not complete color change is not provided.
  • The upper and lower surfaces are covered with the film layer.
  • Color change table is on the integrator and easy to interpret.
  • TS EN ISO 11140-1, Class 5 , EN 867-1 meets standards.
  • There are 250 pieces in a box.